Jeremy Hawkins – Scottish Referendum Mini-site


Community Management, Freelance, Social Media, Strategy, Wordpress

Key Information

Jeremy Hawkins, writer and freelance journalist, travelled to Edinburgh to cover the Scottish referendum on independence from the UK.

Together with Jeremy we defined a complete media strategy to make the trip possible. Jeremy was looking to raise funds for his campaign via an IndieGoGo page, and wanted to create a platform to publish high-quality media-rich content throughout his trip.

We decided to orient his strategy around a WordPress blog, added to a subdomain of his existing site via a WordPress Network. His existing site wasn’t under WordPress, so this involved also pulling his existing static content into the CMS to make it updatable and manageable, with a view to doing a redesign in the future.

Linking his WordPress in with social media allowed Jeremy to build audience through his Twitter feed and Facebook page, and social media strategies included multiple live-tweeting events and a Facebook “share-campain” to help meet his funding goal, as well as using the #indyref hastag to gain in visibility. I also helped film and produce his promotional video for the crowd-funding campaign, and worked with him to implement multiple feedback periods to gauge user involvement and improve the strategy through his trip.

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