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Key Information

Project for a Non-Profit

Shakepeers’ is a non-profit with the goal of producing and distributing knowledge, in a simplified and popularised form, freely, openly and collaboratively.

The group’s main communication tool is their website, which is driven by the Media-wiki CMS, the same CMS that powers the well known Wikimedia sites (such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikicommons etc…). This platform is collaborative and articles can be written or edited by anyone, as long as they have a free account on the site.

In order to make the site accessible and attractive, and to better represent the spirit and identity of the organisation, Shakepeers contact me to design and develop a graphic theme (a skin in media-wiki nomenclature) for the project.

Responsive Design with Bootstrap

The site was created entirely using responsive design, and is optimised for viewing on desktop, tablet or mobile. I chose to work with the framework Bootstrap for its compatibility and flexibility.

I was responsible for the UX, for project management, and for the development of the theme. I worked closely with graphic designer Clara Boyle who designed the UI.

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